The use and purchase of the iOS version from the Apple App Store is currently prohibited!

Here is how you can cancel the subscription:

Customers can easily get their money back here:

Dear iOS user of LunaJin®,

due to the many letters from disappointed iOS users I decided to write this letter.

While extensions and bug fixes are regularly available for Android, nothing has happened with the iOS version for months. In addition, the lunar calendar for the year 2021 has not been updated.

It will surprise you, but I totally agree with you and can understand the feeling of disadvantage.

The iPhone version is offered by a developer in the USA (contact:, who had contractually assured us that he would continue to maintain the app parallel to the status of the Android version.

According to the contract he offers the app in his appstore ( and gets the revenue from your subscription money.

The developer is competent and in the first few months he persevered and quickly fixed bugs and implemented and published innovations of the Android version on iOS in a qualified manner.

As the revenue became more, he stopped making the agreed pro-rata payments and stopped responding to update requests.

Since this happened at the beginning of the global Corona crisis, we kept a low profile because he or his family may have been affected. From our perspective, health is far more important than money.

After the situation was unclear for weeks, we investigated on social channels, and then found out on his private facebook account that he and his family were perfectly fine all the time.

All our inquiries on all possible channels were ignored. Isolated short answers resulted in nothing but empty promises.

In order to do justice to the subscribers, we have already contacted Apple, but according to their reply they do not want to deal with contractual matters.

The release of a version "LunaJin® v2", which we have finished in the meantime, was rejected by Apple during the viewing process. Reason: "Something like that already exists. Duplicates are not allowed."

I have already considered to rework "LunaJin® v2" optically in a way that the "examiners" of Apple don't notice it. Let's see if this works. All victims of the current version would get an unlock code when switching to us, of course....

In addition to the neglect of loyal app users, we are now getting more and more reports of glitches from iOS users: "Valid subscriptions are no longer recognized and the app won't launch".

This could only be fixed by the app creator himself or by us if he transfers the app to us in a "transfer". But he just doesn't communicate.

We would like to enforce your and our legitimate interests by legal means, but at the moment we are facing an unacceptably high risk of legal costs.

Conclusion: I understand disgruntled iOS users, but I can't do much about it at the moment, since all the options available to me have been exhausted.

Conceivable approaches to get some momentum going would be:

a) Every user contacts the developer and lets his feelings run free: or

b) Request a refund from Apple:

(Translation to English is very easy online here:

I am open to new, creative (legally compliant) ideas.

An iPhone user wrote me that she cancelled her Apple subscription and got herself an old Android - just for the organ flows. Whoever takes on something like this will of course get an unlock code from me.

The Android Version will still be kept as up to date as possible and will also get small enhancements every now and then.

Best regards,
stay healthy,


from rolloApps

Postscript: Irene can't be active in these technical and legal things herself, but I regularly inform her about the state of affairs.