LunaJin® is ONE with the KOSMOS!

Discover the world of natural health with Irene Lauretti's groundbreaking app.
The app has made steady progress over the years, adding impressive new features.

Here are some examples of the new features:

Energetization Finger

This is a particularly helpful new section of the app. "Being healthy and happy can be as simple as holding a specific energization finger each day!" The screenshot shows the app function with the energization finger in action for mental harmonization. LunaJin® One hand gently holds another while inspiring words slowly move across the screen. The animations follow the user's breath rhythm, focusing on a specific organ. After a few minutes, a gong sounds, followed by a change of comprehensive hands and fingers.
Many people "only" flow the day finger and have decisive healing experiences with it! It depends on the inner attitude. If you embrace the daily finger in love every day, it works more than if you flow the daily stream daily as a "must" in a hurry!

Light Gland Activation

Another important new section of the app is dedicated to Irene Lauretti's light gland meditation. This type of meditation encourages all cells to open up to the light. LunaJin®
Using the animated graphic, you can encourage your cells to surrender to the light. The meditation helps release karmic entanglements, traumas, and negative emotions such as anger, hatred, fear, panic, despair, and grief to the light and redeem them through the light.

Basic Energy

The monthly basic force, as the last new moon force, manifests subliminally and can indicate or intensify certain symptoms (or in truth, it's always YOU - your harmony or disharmony with the force!). Although the daily moon force is considered the most direct force, the monthly basic force is particularly noticeable for people with a sensitive body feeling. This force does not necessarily belong to the moon flow program, but it is important to be aware of the subliminal tone.
LunaJin® The change to the new sign sometimes occurs only after the new moon, and at this moment, the mind acts through both forces as moon basic forces. Individual perception may vary, so it is important to observe and recognize oneself.

Moon Calendar

The moon calendar has been revised and now provides accurate information for each date about the moon phases, including the exact times for the transition to new moon and full moon.
LunaJin® In addition, the change in the active energy of the organs is highlighted in color. The monthly basic force is also specifically indicated for the days with new moon.


The app provides clear instructions from Irene in the latest version, indicating the best times to perform the LIFE FLOW or the MOON FLOW. Additionally, it provides recommendations for suitable times and places for flowing.
LunaJin® The app also provides guidelines for applying the opposition flow or moon flow and suggests specific sequences. Irene gives concrete tips for daily flowing of the DAY FINGER and the day's organ, including the visualization of the energizing color.

Trauma Release Journey Access

Use the "Trauma Release Journey" and reflect on past experiences. In the trauma release journey, Irene Lauretti refers to "(12) Steps" in the creation cycle.
LunaJin® For each organ flow, there is another new step.

Trauma Release Journey Guide

Experience a journey to trauma resolution. Let the past appear before your mental eye, the times of bad experiences. Let the trauma come up and observe it like a neutral observer.
LunaJin®Please, in love, ask your cells to open their cell memory. Gain the ability to release all traumas and everything they no longer need. Be completely pure in this moment. Allow your cells to shine!

Trauma Release Journey Affirmation

In addition to the detailed guide, there is a matching affirmation text that can be moved to a suitable position in an additional window.

MEMO Function

If you find something in Irene Lauretti's Facebook group that you absolutely want to keep, you can add it as a note to an organ flow. Copy the desired text and then perform a long click on the book icon. A white text field will open; paste the text there and close the window. A short click on the book icon opens the info text in a movable window.

Links to Irene's Youtube Instructions

Irene Lauretti presents crucial instructions for activating individual organs in individual videos.
LunaJin® She explains hand positions and sitting positions and points out specific features of each organ flow. The videos are easily accessible through the preview thumbnails on the right side.