LunaJin® Moon&Health

Energy Healing with the Moon

by Irene Lauretti

Use the daily energizing flow as given by the Moon DAILY -
and never be without your activation sequences!

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As described in detail in Irene's book "Feeling Great with the Moon - a guide to activating your cosmic energies" (by Schiffer publishing), this app shows your the daily organ flow with the individual steps as well as the daily energizing finger, the Life Flow and much more! - for each day of the year and wherever you are in the world!

Practical application

Detailed instructions in text and pictures helps you to go through the individual steps.


Organ flow, energizing finger, opposition flow and life flow can be marked as done and the day can be marked with a note on your included personal note pad.


This app is a fundamental contribution to Jin Shin.

Irene Lauretti is a master with deep knowledge and experience in this art. Her genius lies in harmonizing daily routines with the phases of the moon and transforming the experience that anyone can have with the Jin Shin into a connection with nature and the universe.

Her books are masterpieces of Jin Shin literature and she is able to masterfully synthesize the teachings in this app, so we can access them daily.

The insights into "Irene's Inspirations" (for now only in German and English) are also great, especially the personal work on trauma.

In short, a fundamental tool for all Jin Shin practitioners
and all those interested in strengthening their self-healing powers.

Walter of Rome


For thousands of years, the Japanese healing touch energy medicine has proven to be among the simplest and yet most effective methods of health care. By simply touching specific energy locks located on the body your body functions get harmonized and the immune system regulates itself. Your body rejuvenates from within you will feel happy and perfectly balanced.

Activating the organs in harmony with the moon, as Irene Lauretti shows in this app and describes in detail in her book “Feeling Great with the Moon - a guide to activating your cosmic energies“, highly intensifies the healing effect.

The organs get harmonized and at the same time activated and the body heals from within. Following the Moon by activating your organ flows as shown by Irene in her books and in this app will connect body, Soul and Spirit and enable deep healing from within. Being in tune with the Moon means to be in tune with the your Self; - Health is precisely this. Moreover, activating your daily moon flow will increase your awarenss of what your body and Soul need and enable you to truly appreciate and Love your Self.

No prior experience in energy healing is necessary to use this app. Even simply holding your daily energizing and thus becoming AWARE of yourself within the cosmic trinity of Sun-Moon-Earth will greatly improve your daily wellbeing.
You will never want to be without your daily flows and this unique app!

Simple - Clear - Effective!

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