Flowing the Energetization Finger

You can align your body with harmony and health by simply holding the appropriate Energetization Finger.

The hand indicates the active Energetization Finger and its associated color.

Energetization Finger

By clicking on the hand, you will be directed to the information page about the effects of each finger on your emotions and well-being.

Clicking on the active color will display an info box that provides insights into the effects. You can move the info box.

By holding (embracing) the respective Energetization Finger, you harmonize your emotions and feelings. Hold the right and left Energetization Finger for at least 3 minutes.

Energetization Finger

If you hold the finger for longer than 20 minutes, you will feel how negative emotions like fear, panic, sadness, or anger dissolve, and peace and joy spread.

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