A. What is the app about?

LunaJin® is an assistant for the practical part of the book "The Moon and the Cosmic Code of Creation" by Irene Lauretti.

Japanese healing flows have been among the simplest and most effective methods of health care for thousands of years.

You touch specific points of the body with your hands, helping the organ system to self-regulate and activate self-healing powers.

As extensively described in Irene's book, depending on the current position of the moon, there is a daily sequence of grips that serve to activate an organ. This is the "organ flow." The organ flows are the energy flows or the "non-physical" aspect of the organs.

The LunaJin® App first shows you the daily appropriate organ flow in calendar form.

In the various other sections, you will also find more detailed information about the practical application around Irene's book. However, you don't need to use everything.