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LunaJin® Moon & Health

The LunaJin® app is an essential contribution to Jin Shin practice. Irene Lauretti, a recognized expert with deep knowledge and experience in Jin Shin, has managed to connect this art with the phases of the moon.

As a result, users' experience with Jin Shin becomes a deeper connection with nature and the universe. The teachings of Jin Shin are skillfully summarized in the app, allowing users to refer to them daily.

Irene also offers valuable insights into her personal work with trauma. The app is an indispensable tool for Jin Shin practitioners and anyone looking to strengthen their self-healing abilities.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is LunaJin® Moon & Health?
LunaJin® Moon & Health is an app that utilizes the current moon configuration to connect with the corresponding energy flow, based on Irene Lauretti's book “The Moon and the cosmic Code of Creation“.
How does the LunaJin® App work?
The app displays the current organ flow every day with detailed steps, as described in Irene Lauretti's book, helping users harness the healing powers of lunar energy.
What features does the LunaJin® App offer?
Features include practical application guides, tracking organ flow, energizing fingers, opposition flow, and life flow, with the ability to mark tasks as completed and add daily notes.
Who can benefit from using the LunaJin® App?
Anyone looking to enhance their health awareness by aligning organ functions with lunar phases can benefit, especially those practicing or interested in Jin Shin.
How can I start using the LunaJin® App?
Beginners are encouraged to start with the simple practice of holding the daily finger, which is explained to have profound positive effects even with minimal execution.
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What is the philosophy behind the LunaJin® App?
The app is based on the concept of moon flowing, where attending to the love of the daily organ and visualizing its energizing color can help open soul gates and harmonize body functions.
What are soul gates and what role do they play in the LunaJin® App?
Soul gates are a central concept in the LunaJin® App, referring to the 12 spiritual paths or gates through which the soul creates its body and reality. These gates correspond directly to the 12 zodiac signs that the moon passes through each month.

In the philosophy of the LunaJin® App, it is believed that each of these soul gates is connected to specific organ powers, thus influencing a specific aspect of our physical and emotional health. The app utilizes this knowledge to help users improve their physical and emotional states by aligning their organs and energy flows with the cosmic cycle of the moon.

The concept of soul gates underscores the connection between our inner soul life and universal cosmic forces, with the practice aiming to promote harmony and well-being on all levels of being.
What should I do if I don't feel immediate effects when using the app?
Positive effects are present even if not immediately strongly felt; sensations and awareness can develop over time with consistent practice.
On what ancient healing wisdom is the ® App based?
The LunaJin® App is based on millennia-old healing wisdom from Tibet and Japan, focusing on aligning body organs and energies with the lunar cycle to promote overall well-being
What is the daily planner function in the LunaJin® App?
The daily planner in the LunaJin® App shows the organ and lunar energy for the current day, including the zodiac sign the moon is in, and provides a specific energizing finger and activation sequence for health improvement
How does the LunaJin® App contribute to emotional well-being?
The LunaJin® App promotes emotional well-being by harmonizing the vibrational level of emotions through simple practices like holding the daily energizing finger, which can have a profound impact on emotional health
What significance does the moon have in the practices of the LunaJin® App?
The moon plays a central role in the practices of the LunaJin® App, serving as a mediator in the cosmic cycle of creation. Its phases and position influence the energies and organs of the body, according to the philosophy of the app
How does the LunaJin® App affect physical well-being?
The LunaJin® App enhances physical sensation through daily activation sequences for the body's organ flows. These harmonize bodily functions, support regeneration, and improve physical appearance and performance.
What should I visualize when using the daily energizing finger technique?
When using the daily energizing finger technique, it is recommended to visualize the corresponding organ in its energizing color, as indicated in the app, to enhance the effect of the practice
Are there additional resources or books on the practices of the LunaJin® App?
Yes, the practices of the app are extensively explained in Irene's book “The Moon and the cosmic Code of Creation“, which provides a detailed explanation of the underlying principles and methodologies of the app
How can the LunaJin® App contribute to a spiritual journey?
The LunaJin® App contributes to a spiritual journey by fostering a deeper connection with cosmic rhythms and cycles, especially those of the moon, and strengthening awareness and harmony between mind, body, and soul
How is it best to start with the LunaJin® App as a beginner?
For beginners, it is best to start with the LunaJin® App by following the instructions of the daily planner, focusing on the daily energizing finger and activation sequences for the organ flows. It is also recommended to explore the resources of the app and, if available, read the associated book for a comprehensive understanding.
More in the App Getting Started Guide
Is there a Facebook group?

Yes, there is a Facebook Group dedicated to LunaJin® users and practitioners.
You can join to connect with other users, share experiences, and ask questions.