How to empower yourself with the Moon


You would not be here without the moon. You would not have a body without the moon.


Our planet would not exist without the moon.


It is both a spiritual as well as a scientific fact that we would not exist as we do without the moon.

From a spiritual point of view the moon is the mediator between sun and earth. The earth and the physical world is the product of this mediation just as your body and your reality is the product of the mediation of your Soul between Spirit and Body.


Your Soul creates its body and reality through its 12 Soul gates and their corresponding 12 organ forces... and these 12 Soul gates correspond to the 12 gates of the zodiac which the moon passes each month.


This app enables you to consciously tune your organs and your body into this cosmic cycle of creation which in turn will empower yourself and HEAL body and emotions from deep within: from Source.


All you need to get going is: your hands and fingers.

Irene holds step 1 of the Diaphragm flow

The app is based on ancient energy healing wisdom originating in Tibet and Japan ...

How the app helps you

When you open the app in the day planner it will automatically show you the current Organ function that corresponds to the position of the Moon.

LunaJin® Day planner

Calendar sheet in the daily planner

You are shown both the daily energizing finger as well as the activation sequence for the ruling organ flow or key Moon flow (by simply clicking on the hand symbol or the organ flow you are directed to the pages with all the relevant info and the activation sequences for the Moon flow).

LunaJin® Tagesplaner

By clicking on the hand with the energizing finger in the daily planner
you will get to the info page about the effects of each finger on your emotions and your state of well-being.

Typical organ flow with step table and pictures for orientation:

Steps for the stomach function energy

R = Right Hand, L = Left Hand

The indication of ascending or descending indicates whether the organ flow is flowing upwards, thus ascending (towards the head or fingers) or downwards (towards the head (from the fingers) or from the head to the toes) ... Ascending flows are more regenerating whereas descending flows support the letting go and cleansing of the system ...

Below the daily key moon flow activation sequence I also give you the first step of the opposition flow

which is a helper flow for the daily ruling organ flow.

The energizing finger

Active energizing finger 'thumb'

you simply hold by wrapping the fingers of your other hand around it. Visualize the corresponding organ in its energizing colour which is the colour in which the finger (or the palm of the hand) is shown in this app.

Irene holds the energizing finger 'thumb'

Holding your finger harmonizes the vibrational level of the emotions (the level of the depths). Since the physical is world is formed from the emotional level everything has its origin on the emotional level AND can also be harmonized from there. This makes holding the daily energizing finger so powerful for both your emotional wellbeing as well as for your physical wellbeing!

Activating your daily organ flow enables you to harmonize on a more physical level which makes it a very powerful healing tool for your physical body itself.

Energy flow

Energy flow example

Activating your moonflows DAILY as shown in this app will harmonize all your body functions and enable you to consciously form and regenerate your body.


To do so simply follow the instructions for the activation sequences in this app. Touch the energy locks lightly, no pressure is required. Stay on each step for 1-3 minutes or longer if desired ...

Use the Timer!

Use the timer!

You may also simply do the first step ("anchor step") and remain a little longer on it to give the organ flow a "push" ...

The first step is always the 'anchor step'

The first step is always the 'anchor step'

R = Right Hand, L = Left Hand

Remember to THANK your organ and visualize it in its energizing colour.

Affirmation for the stomach

Affirmation for the stomach

The other flow you should harmonize DAILY is the Life Flow. You open the page with the Life Flow activation sequence by clicking on the [ i ] behind Life Flow in the day planner.

Life flow: Tap on the [i]

The Life Flow

The Life flow

R = Right Hand, L = Left Hand

The reason why you should do this flow daily is that this flow is your PERSONAL SOURCE. It is the flow that feeds the organ flows and it is the Source for the creation of both your body as well as your reality.


LunaJin® MOON&HEALTH thus give you the KEYS for the conscious CREATION of your body and reality ...

ENJOY! And if you like this app -


We can TRANSFORM this planet
by starting to transform OURSELVES!


And this App gives you the key
to do JUST THIS!

Love and Light,