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LunaJin® App User Reviews

Most of the feedback comes from Irene Lauretti's Facebook group
"HEALTH with the MOON & SOUL Numbers - the Creation Code"
More reviews can be found on Amazon for Irene Lauretti's book "Der Mond und der kosmische Code der Schöpfung".

All app reviews can be found
in the Google Play Store
and in the Apple App Store

Thank you dear Irene for the advice!
Your LunaJin app is fantastic! So practical and versatile, thank you from the bottom of my heart for this app❤️

This wonderful LunaJin app helps me every day and anytime to carry out my moon flowing program effortlessly.
With the detailed description and instructions, anyone can easily join in from the beginning.
I love this app and don't want to miss it anymore.
Thank you Irene Lauretti for this gift! 🌹

I love the app, so much information and healing, and created with infinite love,
thank you Irene and the team

Daily valuable companion

LunaJin app, 5 stars are far too few. I use it daily.
This app contains a lot of information from Irene's great books and more.
Each of her books is a masterpiece, such as "Der Mond und der kosmische Code der Schöpfung", "Die grosse Umkehr zum Lichtmensch", "Mondkalender", "Deine 26 Energieschlössern entschlüsselt durch die große Arkana des Tarot".
Unique guides for more harmony, inner balance, health, happiness, and fulfillment.

A wonderful app that includes everything needed.
I love it and don't want to miss it anymore. 🥰

I am so grateful to have the app!
This way, I quickly know which daily finger and which organ flows are up. Super practical for on the go, always ready.
The app is easily explained and filled with valuable content. I love moon flowing, can't live without it anymore. ❤️
Whoever doesn't have the app yet, is their own fault. Thank you, dear Irene!❤️

Moon flowing made easy
What a brilliant app to understand Jin Shin Jyutsu and to bring oneself in harmony with one's own creative power.
Thank you, dear Irene, for the content of your wonderful creation code and thank you, Rolf, the amazing programmer who implemented it so brilliantly!
This app shows the daily moon flow with all the info like exact flowing sequence with pictures and links to Irene's videos with corresponding flowing process, moon position, music recommendations to support organs, corresponding diet, gland activation, info on cellular cleansing of traumas, organ and emotion overview, timer, and much more.
Holistically back in the divine order of the LunaJin app.
Never without it again!!!

With the app, you flow the organ flows of Jin Shin Jyutsu according to the moon.
I find it a great enrichment because I used to flow "by feel" or based on symptoms and didn't get very far.
Flowing according to the moon including the main central flow has a bigger effect on me than before.
I can only recommend it - also the information from Irene Lauretti in the Facebook group "Mondströmen®, der Schöpfungscode und SEELENzahlen mit IRENE LAURETTI" is always very exciting - thank you for that!

Comprehensive app for moon flowing.
From nutrition to sound, individual flows, daily and timely illustrated representations.
I love this app and don't want to miss it anymore. It is my daily companion, no matter where I am.
Absolutely recommendable and a must for everyone who values health in harmony with the moon!
5 stars ⭐️ absolutely top!

Absolutely helpful for people!
It feels so good to flow according to the moon ❤️ Irene Lauretti is a wonderful woman who gives so much and does so without cost; she should be much more supported, the app is worth every cent, you have everything at hand no matter where you are.
Meanwhile, I miss knowing which sign the moon is in my daily routine.
Body in harmony with the soul

This app is very helpful every day. Easy to use, lots of information, and lovingly designed.
Simply wonderful.
Co Lo

I have been using the app for almost 1 year and don't want to miss it!
I often find new tools and small updates, and I'm always positively surprised how much thought has gone into everything.
You can find the necessary information about every energy lock, the pictures are great, so it's not necessary to have the book with you.
All in all, a great app!
I can recommend it to anyone who cares about their health!

Having the moon calendar always in your pocket, with the right moon flowing, is simply ingenious, as you always have your phone with you.
Everything is explained in detail about what can be flowed when to stay healthy.
Since I started flowing, my health has improved significantly, and I am increasingly centered ✨ I am now going into the second year with the app, very enthusiastic and can recommend it to everyone.

I have been thinking for a long time whether to afford the app, now I've had it for two months and am thrilled, so detailed and very well structured, everything at a glance, I will stick with it.
Thank you, dear Irene Lauretti, for your great work 😍

The guide, always accessible and easy to use.
Because it's effortless, it automatically brings more and more love and light into flowing.

A super great app....easy to understand and straightforward...if you want to dedicate yourself to flowing, this app is highly recommended

Best app I know!

I am totally thrilled with this app. It has helped me many times and has already healed me.
I wouldn't want to be without it. It is very helpful and beautiful.

Comprehensive app for moon flowing.
From nutrition to sound, individual flows, daily and timely illustrated representations.
I love this app and don't want to miss it anymore. It is my daily companion, no matter where I am.
Absolutely recommendable and a must for everyone who values health in harmony with the moon!
5 stars ⭐️ absolutely top!


The app is just so enriching and valuable!
Thank you very much, dear Irene Lauretti for this treasure!! 🙏❤️🙏

I recently subscribed to the Luna Jin app and am thrilled!
Positively surprised that the appropriate music is also included.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart ❤️

A really great app. Worth every cent.
Thank you, Irene, for this valuable tool.💝

I am SOOo grateful that this app exists, dear Irene 🙏
Maria Sabine

Dear Irene, thank you for this wonderful app 🙏💝
It is fantastic with the music etc. I listened to all the music pieces today.
Nice that you exist and thank you for everything you share with us every day on fb🙏🌹

I have had the Luna app for five days and am thrilled, everything at a glance,
thank you, dear Irene ❤️
Maraki Maria

Thank you very much, dear Irene. I am so grateful for your app. The meditation with it is so beautiful and does me good. This meditation has helped me several times already. A few days ago, I had a nightmare and then a panic attack upon waking up, your meditation helped me a lot.
🙏 Thank you for everything, dear Irene

I love your app ❤️
The light gland meditation is simply wonderful and feels so good🙏

Dear Irene, I have subscribed to your LunaJin app for the second year now
and am very happy with it, thank you 💕

I was skeptical at first whether the app was for me, as I prefer reading books, but it's just great. Now I can really flow anywhere and it is filled with so much love. Thank you, Irene, for making this possible.

Dear Irene, I have recently started using your app. I am so satisfied and happy with it.
Many heartfelt thanks for your work! You bring something so important into the world!
Thank you, thank you, thank you for everything.

Best regards from Kerstin. 🙏❤️😘

I have the creation code three times, 2 German and one English. The app is also the best app I have in terms of handling..it never crashes, just cool.

I love this app, it is made with love down to the smallest detail.
Thank you, dear Irene 🙏❤️
Tanja Susami

I have had the app since today and am very excited about how great and comprehensive everything is presented:
Irene Lauretti, this is really something special.
Thank you from the heart. 💗

Good morning dear Irene! I feel the need to tell you that I love the LunaJina app! I only decided to activate it last month and have not regretted it. It is totally practical, has everything neatly together, and even shows the appropriate music. Thank you for your work and thank you for the fantastic moon flowing. I have been doing it daily for almost 1 1/2 years and I feel how good it does for me!
Thank you for your being and doing!
Thank you, dear Irene, all the best for you!

Yes, this app is really a huge surprise bag with a magic effect. I am amazed at the vast content and the brilliance, and the price.....speechless. A thousand thanks for this miracle work.

I use it daily and could not do without it. Congratulations on this app, I can only recommend it to everyone 👍

I got the app yesterday and am so infinitely grateful that it exists. Together with the book, it is simply perfect for me. This way, I can get into flowing well, as all the knowledge is compressed in one app. A heartfelt thank you, dear Irene Lauretti, to you and your team.

This app is great. Everyone can do something fundamentally good for their health, in harmony with the moon. I am thrilled and bought an annual subscription right away. Many thanks, dear Irene Lauretti
❤️ GLG Helga

The app works great, very very good content, logical operation. I can only rave. As the owner of Irene Lauretti's books, the app is a must for me. Apply Jin Shin according to the rhythm of the moon - and with the app always and everywhere, where I am, great!

A brilliant app and a must if you want to flow the organ flows according to the moon. Clear, well-explained, I am thrilled

Contains all important information and is very clear. I don't want to miss this app anymore😁👍

I can highly recommend it! You have really thought of everything, even the small timer, which contributes significantly to staying in a completely relaxed state until the end of the organ flow. I look forward to it every day! I have been flowing according to the moon for a long time and am amazed at how resilient I have become.

A great app, runs great, does not freeze. The content is well explained, very informative. The best app and unique with more content than expected. I will renew my subscription every year, so practical and clear. Thank you for this great and unique app, always everything at hand and clear.

Thank you, dear Irene, for your wonderful app in addition to the books, a dream,

Finally, an app for on the go, where you can always look up. No matter where you are

Super app. I'm thrilled, simply top.

A wonderful app for on the go

I am very excited about this LunaJin app; it's amazing 👌especially for on the go!

Dear Irene, your new app is so great and comprehensive. I thank you very much for it. All the best to you. 🙏❤️

Wonderful app, easy to understand and even for the layperson to use right away. I have been flowing for 2 years and have actually internalized it. But I still decided to get the annual subscription because it's unbeatable in price and a good help when traveling and on the go. Not only for ourselves but also to provide quick help to others. Not only 5 stars but also 5 x 👍

I live by it and flow every day, and it does me very well. A super app very recommendable ❤😘

I also find the app ingenious. You always have your phone with you, and therefore the flowing programs (including the life flow) and the illustration with the energy locks. I also find it great that the opposition grip is always shown, so I can flow anytime and anywhere (when the place and time allow). The timer is also great, especially the gong😍. A very well-done app and a must as a supplement to the book "Der kosmische Code". Many thanks for that💐

Dear Irene! I want to finally write that I find the app very cool. I just got it today in full function, and it is really great, so I can also save my book, which already has some wear and tear.
Thank you from 💗🙏💗✨💗

I can absolutely recommend the app, as well as all the books by Irene Lauretti. With the app, you are always and everywhere instantly informed with a tap where the moon is currently located and what you can flow. There are affirmations and the complete course of the flows and also the energy locks, just great.
I wouldn't want to miss this app anymore. Additionally, you can make entries, and everything is very well described. You also get 2 months free*!!! Super, thank you

*(In the annual subscription, note from the app team)

I find the app ...super awesome! Thank you, Irene and the developers.
Best regards, Rena

This app is simply amazing! I have been flowing for 5 years with the book "Der Mond und der kosmische Code der Schöpfung" by Irene Lauretti. Initially supported by any moon calendar, but for several years now, I have been using Irene's calendar. I thought the app could hardly offer more. But it does! - Nutrition tips - further flowing tips - notes on current time quality, etc. And it is so much more pleasant to look it up in the app than always having to carry the books with you. For me, a clear recommendation ❤️

I can wholeheartedly recommend this app by Irene Lauretti. I love the app and use it every day. Flowing is very important to me anyway. The app offers so much more. The nutrition tips are also great! Just click in!

I was definitely overwhelmed by how detailed this app presents Irene Lauretti's work. Whether you are a beginner in Jin Shin or have already read and worked through everything; this app is perfection itself. You will find the answers to your questions in a blink of an eye. Whether you have read all her great books or not; it doesn't matter. I especially recommend the English readers of her book to buy and use this app in addition to the book itself; it goes even deeper.

The app is simply fantastic. Jin Shin is still barely known in French-speaking Switzerland. For 15 years, I have shown all my clients and friends the anchor steps and finger holding.
For a year now, I and four friends have also been flowing with the moon.
Dear Irene, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the great amount of knowledge I have received from you over the past year.
I wish you continued joy and strength in your great mission and send you my best regards


I use it almost daily, I am amazed at the incredible functions it offers. I only wanted to test it, but now I have had it for 3 years. 🥰😊🙏🏽

I am also very thrilled and use the app daily ..since the beginning! It is grandiose. THANK YOU, dear Irene 🙏🏽💕
Silvia Michaela

This app is unique. I don't know any app that offers so much.
I love it. It's great for on the go.
Information always at hand, and yet the moon calendar, the moon and the cosmic code of creation, the great turnaround to light-being, as well as the 26 energy locks always accompany me on holidays.