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"All desires become small compared to that of being healthy." Folk Wisdom

The App by Subscription

Use the healing energy flow
that matches the moon constellation
on a daily basis

Photo by Zoltan Tasi on Unsplash

⭐ As described in detail in Irene's book "Feeling Great with the Moon", this app shows the daily moon flow (energizing flow) for your HEALTH and WELLBEING!

⭐ Organ flow, energizing finger, opposition flow and Life Flow can be marked as done plus you can make personal notes in your notepad.

⭐ Besides detailed instructions in text and pictures, an automatic timer helps you to go through the individual steps.

Content of the app

  • News & Lifestyle section with regularly new, current information directly from Irene Lauretti
  • Moon position with organ allocation
  • Moon phase
  • Daily energizing color
  • Daily energizing finger
  • Detailed intro about the meaning of the moon and energy healing
  • Note area for your daily notes
  • Lifeflow with illustration and affirmation
  • Active moon flow (energizing flow with photos of the anchor steps and illustrations of the energy locks and the organ flow courses as well as information about the organ effects and the daily organ affirmations!)
  • Active opposition flow (1st step), also with photos
  • Daily information on nutrition

Terms of the offer

You can view the app at your own pace during the test period for 3 days without registration.

After the trial period, the subscription will not automatically become active, but you buy it yourself if you wish.

If you do nothing, no subscription is created.

If you want, you can buy one of two subscription options:

🗓️ Monthly subscription

5.99 Euro per month

The content is as described above

The subscription is automatically renewed monthly
and billed monthly.

If you cancel the subscription
(quite simply in the Playstore),
the app
remains fully usable until the end of the billing period.

🎆 Annual subscription

59.99 Euro per year

The content is the same as for the monthly subscription,
but the annual subscription is cheaper in price,
than 12 times the monthly subscription.

The subscription is automatically renewed annually
and billed annually.

If you cancel the subscription
(quite simply in the Playstore),
the app
remains fully usable until the end of the billing period.

The app is only fully usable
in the trial period
or if you have one of the subscription options active.

Install the app and choose a subscription that suits you

The language of the app can be switched to English, German or Spanish

Die Sprache der App ist umschaltbar auf englisch, deutsch oder spanisch

El idioma de la aplicación puede cambiarse a inglés, alemán o español